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Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up

Certified Property Restoration Experts In Durham, NC.

Whether your home suffered extensive damage from a torrential flood or your pipes burst during a winter blast, water damage can be devastating. Don’t worry! You can rest assured we’ll be there as soon as possible so you can move back in and on with your life. Our property damage experts are trained by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which means they are qualified and experienced to handle major water disaster accidents.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Any water damage, large or small can be destructive to your home. At Restoration 1 we recognize the challenge involved in the initial and timely cleanup of water damage to ensure no long term health effects of mold will occur. That’s why you need immediate water damage restoration and clean up services. Our certified property restoration experts:

  • Use the most advanced wet vacuums, fans and pumps to dry out interior surfaces and carpets
  • Salvage or remove carpeting and padding
  • Clean and dehumidify the affected areas to prevent mold growth. 
  • Restore most personal belongings

We stand behind our 100% guarantee and we take pride in providing fair and honest pricing that eases the burden of your home’s water damage.

Water Damage and Its Causes

When you least expect it, leaky pipes, frozen pipes, small crawlspaces that collect water, damaged roofs and fierce weather conditions can all lead to extensive water damage in your home. This water can quickly lead to mold, becoming hazardous to your health and destructive to your property. Our certified and trained professionals utilize the latest water remediation equipment and extraction processes to restore your home to its original condition.

Home Ceiling Water Damage Restoration

A burst pipe or slow leak can easily cause extensive water damage to your ceiling. The same thing happens when you have a sustained roof leak. Either way, you’ll require professional water damage restoration to handle the damage. Our team is equipped and trained to handle ceiling water damage before the situation worsens.

Flood Water Damage Restoration

Whether the flooding is caused by your own plumbing system or the weather outside, you’ll need immediate relief against the damage. Our flood water damage restoration is guaranteed to remove all standing water, dry affected areas, prevent mold growth, and ensure your home is like new once more.

24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

Our team of professionals understands that accidents can occur at any time of the day or night, which is why we provide 24-hour emergency water damage services. We ensure your water damage restoration needs can be met seven days a week, around the clock.

You don’t have to feel alone when water damage occurs to your property in Durham, NC. Contact our water damage experts to obtain our immediate and prompt services to make your home habitable, comfortable and healthy again.

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