Winter Water Damage Cleanup In Chapel Hill

water damage chapel hill, water damage cleanup chapel hill, water damage restoration chapel hillWhen the winter weather comes, your home may experience some water issues. Mainly due to frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are an annoyance while they are frozen, but if they happen to break or burst, you then have to deal with a large water damage issue that is going to be complicated to cleanup.

While frozen pipes can be handled effectively before they turn into water disasters, the possibility of them bursting or leaking is real and should be taken seriously. Even small amounts of water in your home can cause extensive damage that requires water damage cleanup by professionals. Without the right type of water damage cleanup services, the strucutre of your home could suffer.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Chapel Hill

In Chapel Hill, the water damage cleanup crew at Restoration 1 Of Durham is certified and experienced in handling all types of water disasters. From minor leaks to major flooding, our team has the expertise and the equipment needed to dry out wet and affected areas and restore property damage quickly. Water damage doesn’t have to be a lingering problem that continues to spread if you contact our professionals right away.

When Water Turns Into Mold

Frozen pipes really only threaten water damage in homes, BUT the water itself can lead to mold contamination. Water or moisture only need to sit for 24-48 hours before they turn into mold issues. When that happens, the cost of repairs become more expensive and the structure of your home risks further damage. The professionals at Restoration 1 of Durham are well-equipped to handle water damage cleanup of all types, and that includes water damage that has turned into mold contamination.

Water Damage Cleanup And Sewage Water

If the pipes that are causing water to pool into your home happen to contain contaminated water, you definitely don’t want to mess with the cleanup process alone. Contaminated water puts you, your family, and pets in danger. Contaminated water can cause major illness and even death in severe cases. Leave any potentially contaminated water alone until the professional water damage cleanup crew has arrived.

Immediate Extraction

One of the most important factors when dealing with water damage cleanup is to remove the water and moisture as quickly as possible. Professionals like those at Restoration 1 in Chapel Hill have high powered equipment that can extract gallons and gallons of water at once and dry the affected areas thoroughly so that they don’t pose a future risk. At the same time, our professionals will make sure to decontaminate all affected areas so that your home and your family is safe from any harmful bacteria or other contaminants.

Don’t rely on another team – the professionals at Restoration 1 of Durham serves the Chapel Hill community proudly in all water damage cleanup emergencies!

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will treat your property and family like our own.



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