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How Frozen Pipes Can Significantly Damage Your Home in Durham, NC

Winter is here, so we have a new set of worries for our homes – specifically, for our plumbing. On average in the wintertime, temperatures in the Durham-Greensboro region drop anywhere between the 30s and the 50s, and snow is a constant concern.

With this in mind, have you ever thought about how your pipes could be affected by these types of temperatures? Frozen pipes can and do happen to properties in the area, and they can cause anything from severe water damage to dangerous mold growth.

Here is how frozen pipes can significantly damage your home in Durham, North Carolina.

Frozen Pipes Can Burst

When a pipe develops a frozen blockage, an immense amount of pressure is created between that blockage and a closed faucet or area of release. You might assume that the pipe will burst where it freezes, but in reality, pipes actually rupture somewhere in between the block and the pressure buildup. Unfortunately, that could be somewhere prominent in your home. Generally, you’ll notice a faster-moving leak sooner than a slow-moving leak simply because it’s causing damage more quickly. Either way, the longer you wait, the more detrimental the water can be for your home. Take proper steps to keep your pipes warm and functional.

Substantial Water Damage

Strangely, a fast-moving leak from a pipe burst can actually be preferable to a slow leak. You’ll notice the water right away, which allows you to act quickly and get the area dried before any permanent damage has time to set in. When slow leaks have days or even weeks to permeate surfaces, you can expect to pull up and replace multiple parts of your home, such as your flooring, carpeting, drywall, ceiling, or other personal belongings. This is a necessary step in getting your area dried and dehumidified, as well as preventing your next problem: mold.

A Mold Outbreak

There are thousands of species of mold, and all they need is a little moisture, warmth, and space to grow in your home. With your heating unit turned up high and the moisture from a frozen pipe burst leak, you have all of the ingredients for disaster. As soon as you get the water dried up, the dehumidification process must begin to get the area fully dried. Then, a mold inspection should be performed if the water has had time to sit for several days, as the fungus only needs 24 hours to begin growing. Mold can pose a serious threat to your health and is certainly not anything to underestimate. Resolve the problem as quickly as possible to prevent further issues.

Restoration 1 Of Durham-Greensboro Has You Covered

The truth about frozen pipes is that even though they are preventable, bursting could happen at any time to any home. In emergency cases, you can rest assured that Restoration 1 of Durham-Greensboro has you covered in any water damage or mold crises. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will treat your property and family like our own.

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