Keeping Pets Safe From Fire

Every year, about 40,000 pets die in house fires. Pets themselves, start about 1,000 fires a year. We at Restoration 1 of Durham-Raleigh want you to know that many house fires are easily preventable, and there are many preparatory safety measures to ensure that our pets have a chance to make it out safely in the event of a fire.

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Protect with Monitored Smoke Detectors

Using monitored smoke detectors is absolutely crucial if your home includes pets. Traditional smoke detectors will only sound an alarm when fire is detected; it will not notify you or the local authorities. When your house is on fire, every second counts; the smoke, heat, and flames threaten the wellbeing of any person or animal inside. Monitored smoke detectors alert you and the local authorities as soon as it detects a fire.

Of course, the piercing sound of the smoke detector and the smell of smoke may scare your dog and send him scurrying for safety. If your dog has places where he hides when he’s scared, you could waste precious time searching for him. Make sure all family members know where your dog likes to hide.

Pet Proof your Home

Discourage your pets from playing around in the kitchen. Keep your dog away from: open flames, sources of heat, extension cords, and wax warmers. Any exposed cords that you are using to power your appliances should be neatly secured and placed out of pathways. Curious pets can get tangled in messy cords, and some animals (particularly rabbits and cats) may try to chew through them. 

Keep ID up-to-date

Keep a tag on the collar at all times. Included: your name, pet’s name, your phone and perhaps your address. It’s a good idea to provide your microchip registry with the names and contact information of relatives, friends, or neighbors who have agreed in advance to temporarily care for your dog if you are unable to do so.

Share Your Spare (Key)

A fire may break out when you or other family members aren’t home. If you’re comfortable, give your neighbors keys to your house, and be sure they know your dog’s hiding spots. Of course, a fire may break out when your neighbors aren’t home, either. If you have an alarm monitoring service, let it know that you have dogs and how many.  

If The Worse Happens- Get Pets To Safety

In the event of a fire, stay calm. If the fire is still relatively small, grab a fire extinguisher and aim it at the base of the flames. If the fire is out of control, decide what exit paths are still safe and available. According to Protect America, if you can reach your pet through that exit path, bring them with you as you leave the house. However, if you cannot find or reach your pet through a safe exit route, prioritize your own safety by getting out of the house. Let professionals take care of the house and rescue.

What if you can’t find your dog and have to leave the house? Open a door that leads to the outside, and once you’ve escaped, call your dog. Hopefully, he’ll hear your voice and come running. If you have already evacuated, tell firefighters what animals are inside and where they can be found. Once rescued, keep your pets close by and within your sight so they don’t get lost.

Check For Injury and Smoke Inhalation

Once you and your dog have reached safety, you can care for him if he’s hurt. Check with rescue personnel about special pet oxygen masks if your dog is having trouble breathing. Even if the fire is minor and your dog appears normal, have him examined right away by your veterinarian or an emergency animal hospital. Smoke inhalation can lead to other complications, such as pneumonia or bronchitis. 

Emergency Supply Kit

Keep all your essentials in one area so that you can “grab and go.” Pack at to-go kit with a few days supply of food and the following:

  • Any Medications
  • Carrier- hard or soft
  • Photo of your pet (also on your phone)
  • Bowls
  • Collars and leashes
  • Blanket or towel
  • Toys and treats
  • Soft muzzle

Your Fire Damage Experts in Durham 

With any destruction to your home– you, your family, and your pets need help. Restoration 1 industry professionals provide immediate support after a house fire. Restoration 1 not only cares about “restoring your home”, they realize you need to restore your life.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will treat your property and family like our own.



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