What’s the Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration in Durham, NC

Dealing with fire and smoke damage inside your home is an overwhelming dilemma. Even the smallest spark from within the stove can set off a chain of events that destroys your home. At the very least, you’ll endure severe damages throughout the house, smoke contamination, and a loss of many possessions in.

After a fire, you need to pay for repairs, restoration, and cleanup. It can be a costly ordeal. Most homeowners are unprepared for these expenses. Before you begin the restoration process, you must know the true cost of fire damage restoration in Durham, NC.

Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

On average, homeowners generally pay between $3,000 and $27,000 for fire and smoke damage restoration services. For complete repairs, most homeowners pay around $12,000. The exact cost you will ultimately pay for restoration services will vary based on quite a few factors.

Some factors that play a role in the total cost include:

  • The size of your home
  • The overall scope of the fire and smoke damage
  • Whether materials are required for replacements
  • Whether reconstruction is a must or not
  • Labor needs for the extent of the job

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Despite the high cost of restoration services, you’re paying for quality. Remember that when you need restoration and repair work done. If you were to pay for amateur work, you would likely wind up with extensive damage remaining, or the situation could worsen. Consider the total cost of professional restoration services to be an investment.

Here is the thorough fire damage restoration process that experts will work through for your home:

  • Contact – It all begins with a single phone call to the nearest restoration company. Most offer 24-hour restoration services, just in case of a fire or flood.
  • Assessment – The restoration work cannot begin without a thorough understanding of the damage itself. Just how severe is the fire and smoke damage? The team will inspect each room in the home for signs of contamination, soot buildup, and fire damage. This information will directly affect how they proceed.
  • Cleanup – With a better understanding of the damage at hand, it’s time for the cleanup phase of the process. The team will bring in advanced restoration equipment to remove smoke contamination, soot buildup, and start removing damaged carpeting or furniture from the blaze. Most carpeting must be tossed. Many of your possessions may be salvageable, though.
  • Repair and Restoration – Finally, with the majority of the mess cleared away, the team is free to begin repairing and restoring all affected areas. It is here that walls are reconstructed, windows are inserted, and the home is made safe and livable once more.

Following a severe house fire, be sure to call Restoration 1 of Durham-Raleigh immediately for fire damage restoration services. We provide 24-hour service for even the smallest kitchen fire. When you call 919-372-4752, explain the situation thoroughly. Our team will be there ASAP.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will treat your property and family like our own.



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