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The Importance of a Mold Inspection After Hurricane Florence

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Our region of Durham and Greensboro, North Carolina was not left unaffected by the powerful and tragic Hurricane Florence that devastated our coast. While inland we did not face the brunt of the force head-on, our area experienced substantial rain and flooding in the low-lying areas. Neighborhoods flooded, streets flooded, and residents needed help evacuating from their homes after a river overflowed. All in all, our area was in the midst of excess moisture and humidity for days on end. These are the optimal conditions for mold, and you need to consider having an inspection done as soon as possible, especially if the following reasons apply to you.

If Water Was in Your Home

At any point during the course of Hurricane Florence, if water made its way into your home or business property, you need to schedule a mold inspection. Even if you cleaned up the water relatively quickly, water damage is a fast-acting force that can sink through the cracks. Some water is often missed by towels you used to wipe it up, and the tools you used to push it out. If left to sit, this moisture could easily initiate the beginnings of mold growth, or even a full-fledged infestation as time goes on.

If You Evacuated

If you were among the home or apartment residents that had to evacuate during the course of the storm due to flooding, there were measures you might have taken before you left – if you had time. These include shutting off the water line, your gas line (if you have one), the electricity, and your HVAC system by default. If you left for multiple days, your house was unfortunately sitting in a warm, perfectly humid temperature without any air circulating to ventilate – and that can cause mold growth in no time at all. If you evacuated, definitely schedule an inspection.

If You Live Near Water

If you live near a river or a creek, you may have experienced flooding in your area or even your home due to the overflow. But even if you did not, the air around bodies of water is indeed more humid than other areas, and your home may be more prone to a mold outbreak. Moisture can be sneaky, and humidity can always find its way in. If you lost power, and again, were not able to provide a source of ventilation, a mold inspection is needed for good measure.

The Best Mold Remediation Services Are With Restoration 1

At Restoration 1 of Durham-Greensboro, we offer the best mold inspections and remediation services in the area. We are your neighbors, and were just as affected by Hurricane Florence as you were. Call us today at (919) 241-7311 to schedule your inspection. We are based in Durham and serve the surrounding area.

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