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Hurricane Season 2018 Is Not Over, Here’s How to Prepare

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Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael are still fresh in our minds after wreaking havoc on the North and South Carolina coasts. Our state felt it profoundly, and it has put everyone on high alert for the next potential storm. Hurricane Season 2018 is not over for the Atlantic ocean, and will not conclude until November 30. Here are steps to take ahead of time to ensure preparedness.

Make a Plan

There is no such thing as being too prepared, and when it comes to hurricanes, there is never a maximum amount of precaution for our state. Especially if you have little ones, you need to make a comprehensive plan ahead of time should you need to evacuate. This means finding a friend or family member you can stay with for the remainder of the storm, having bags packed and ready to go with all of your family’s necessary items, preparation for your pets, and other additional steps that will ensure you and your family can leave without hesitation the moment the evacuation order is called. Remember to always disconnect your water and gas lines before you leave, and shut off your electricity.

Monitor Your Local News Constantly

To stay abreast of any sudden changes in a hurricane’s status or trajectory, you should monitor your local news and weather station constantly. These storms are so unpredictable, and missing something could be detrimental to your ability to make plans. Your mobile phones should always be charged as they will be a crucial lifeline to updates as well. They also can connect you to friends and family members who want to make sure you are ok once the danger has passed. Of course, they can also be used to call emergency personnel should you have an unexpected event en route to your safe destination.

Prepare Your House

There are multiple steps you should always take ahead of time should you have to evacuate. In addition to the above maintenance steps, you need to board up any windows that would be facing the brunt of strong winds, especially if the storm is projected to be a Category 3 or 4. It would be wise to inspect your roof ahead of time for any compromised areas that could let water in or allow it to be taken off during powerful gusts. Reinforcing your garage door is an easy, inexpensive, and effective job that may help keep the forceful winds out of your main house. Bring any patio or outdoor items inside, and await any news.

Call Restoration 1 of Raleigh-Durham After a Hurricane

After a hurricane strikes, know that you have a team you can rely on to come assess the damage and repair your home. At Restoration 1 of Raleigh-Durham, we are that company. We are available 24/7, and will be there by your side after the storm has passed. You have no reason to be worried – we will get the job done. Call us today at (919) 241-7311 for fast, reliable emergency restoration services. Visit our website to download free disaster forms and emergency checklists.

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