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Reasons Why Emergency Restoration Services Are Important

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In the midst of the unimaginable, often we don’t know where to begin on how to go about restoring our homes. That is why it’s important to understand all of the factors that go into emergency property restoration before something happens.

Your First Call in a Fire, Water, or Mold Damage Emergency

In the aftermath of an emergency, once the initial, dangerous phase has passed and you’ve ensured everyone is safe, you need to call a property damage restoration company like Restoration 1 of Durham-Greensboro. The quicker, the better, especially when it comes to water damage in your home. In a water emergency, the damage begins to set in within the first 24 hours; drywall weakens and possessions become irreparable and unsalvageable. Within the first week, you can expect widespread mold issues. With fire and smoke damage, there is very little you can do on your own, especially if the structural framing is no longer intact or your HVAC system has been ruined. Air quality in any of these emergencies is one of our top priorities; the air in your home needs to be clear of remaining impurities before your family resumes daily life.

We Are Here for You

There is a reason we have become a household name as a trusted, reliable residential and commercial restoration company. You are treated like a member of our family, and we will do everything in our power to help you forget about this horrific event in your home. We are your neighbors, your friends, and will help you get past this. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and know that everything has a cost – we think you will find ours comparable.Our team at Restoration 1 of Durham-Greensboro is available 24/7, offering unparalleled, wide-ranging emergency restoration services to help you take your first step back to normalcy. Call us today at (919) 241-7311 or contact us online. We service the areas of GreensboroBurlingtonHillsboroughMebane and Highpoint, North Carolina.

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will treat your property and family like our own.

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