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Should You Check For Mold [Infographic]

It’s Mold Season in Durham & Greensboro North Carolina

North Carolina is a wonderful place to live in, as well as a must-see destination. A beautiful state rich in history, Southern culture, and immense natural beauty, it is a place that draws people in and welcomes them home. To call it home, however, requires the acceptance of one important reality: humidity.

In the mornings, the humidity percentage of most of North Carolina is at least 80% if not higher. While it will gradually reduce throughout the day to around 50%, depending on the region, it is still a significant amount of moisture!

For homeowners living in humid regions, mold is something that needs to be on their radar. Mold is a fungus that travels in the form of a spore through the air that latches onto a moist area of your home, commonly walls, ceilings, and floors. If you experience a flood or any sort of incident with a significant spillage of water, mold is likely to ensue if the proper steps aren’t taken.

There are over 10,000 varieties of mold. It is impossible to eradicate all forms of mold from inside our homes, but large outbreaks are what can be dangerous. They pose major health risks, especially to severe allergy and asthma sufferers. According to the report entitled “Mold and Human Health,” published by North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, there is great cause for concern in the state:

“North Carolina is in the midst of what is being called a world-wide asthma epidemic. A recent survey of North Carolina middle school children revealed that 10 percent had been diagnosed with asthma and another 17 percent had asthma symptoms that had never been diagnosed. More than half of asthmatics have respiratory allergies, often to mold. Molds can trigger asthma episodes in sensitive asthmatics.”

Restoration 1 of Durham – Greensboro is a team of knowledgeable, responsible, certified experts in the field of mold remediation. Call us today at (919) 241-7311. The following infographic has all the information you need on mold in Durham-Greensboro, North Carolina. You can embed this infographic on your blog (see below the graphic for the embed code) and share with your online community. If you choose to embed it, please be sure to give credit to Restoration1 of Durham.

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