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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process in Your Durham-Greensboro Home

You may never be fully prepared to handle fire and smoke damage in your home. The longer it takes to restore the property, the worse the situation could be for your health and wallet. Restoration 1 is here for you, though! We handle the entire process in a simple and straightforward manner, so you can take care of yourself and your family. Leave the work to us!

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process

A house fire is devastating, pure and simple. While a fire is not something you can fully prepare for in advance – mentally or physically – you can remain strong and take action. No matter how the fire started, no matter how bad the damage may seem, Restoration 1 will be there to provide fire and smoke damage restoration. Our experienced technicians go above and beyond for homeowners in this community. If you ever face the aftermath of a fire, know that we’re there for you too.

Our tried-and-tested process includes:

  • Removal – First of all, we remove any damaged or unsafe structural components, flooring, and furniture from the premises. We salvage what we can in the process.
  • Evaluation – Next, we evaluate the structure as a whole. A thorough evaluation is key to planning the restoration process. Some areas are likely more affected by the fire than others. Plus, there’s usually hidden damage that only pros can detect.
  • HVAC Removal or Repair – A residential HVAC system is also a perfect transportation method for smoke and soot. Whenever possible, we remove or restore the entire system to prevent further damage.
  • Cleanup – After a fire, walls may have crumbled, pipes may be leaking, and so on. It’s a bad situation. But don’t worry – we’ll clean up everything in this step, including any water damage.
  • Repairs – Next comes the repair process. Our technicians will fix up broken walls, destroyed flooring, bubbled ceilings and more.
  • Odors – Smoke and soot leave behind foul, potentially harmful odors. To improve indoor air quality and maintain safety, we treat these odors.

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