Dealing With Serious Floods in Durham, NC

In 1999, Eastern North Carolina faced the worst local flood on record when Hurricane Floyd swept through. Many countries were labeled as disaster areas and flash floods in the mountains wreaked havoc on many homes, businesses, roads, and bridges. In 2004, more mountain floods caused serious landslides and even uprooted large trees, boulders, and other debris. 

As a result, most residents in Durham, NC, and the surrounding areas recognize the danger that floods pose. Even just a few inches of water can knock a person off their feet and sweep them away. Driving on flooded roads, traveling near swollen streams, and disregarding flash flood warnings are all dangerous ways to deal with bad weather. 

Fortunately, the way repairs and recovery measures are conducted after a serious flood improves every year. Companies like ours, Restoration 1 of Durham-Raleigh, now have access to better technology and methods that allow us to safely walk families through the necessary steps after a flood. 

Should a flood impact your North Carolina home, here are the first four things Restoration 1 will help you do: 

  1. Make the area safe. Floods can mess with electrical wires, make areas slippery, and cause other risks to appear in a building. Restoration 1 will help you handle repairs in a safe manner and take care of the hazards. 
  2. Dry out the walls and floors. Using our large fans, wet vacuums, and pumps, we will work to dry your indoor surfaces, including soaked carpeting. 
  3. Remove what’s irreparably damaged. If your floors or other parts of your building are beyond repair, we will remove them so that the next steps in recovery can be taken. 
  4. Prevent mold growth. Because your building is moist, mold may begin to spread through the walls. We will take extra measures to ensure that the affected area is dehumidified and cleaned to deter this growth. 

Here at Restoration 1 of Durham-Raleigh, we want to be by your side in the aftermath of community disasters. Whether you’re dealing with water damage or the effects of smoke and fire, we’re here to help. Learn more by giving us a call at [phone_text_bt].

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will treat your property and family like our own.



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